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   Again we have seen the end of another year with all its comings and goings,

co-ordinators coming and going but with crime always being there.   Again, we have been very successful in our efforts to deter criminals, to let people know of criminal activity and to advise them of what to do if they suspect wrong doings.  


    My first duty is to list our members who have passed away during the year and to remember them with sadness.

    Phil Connor, O,C. 1 No 61 Res Vista Mar Bajo, Playa Flamenca, passed away on the 30th January after a long illness.

   Alan McPhail, O.C. 1 No 79, Villa Piedra, Vista Azul ll passed away on the 3rd February. Alan was at Madrid airport waiting for a flight when he died suddenly.

   I have contacted their families and given them our condolences.

   I again look around me and thank firstly Graham for looking after our circulation and social media matters. As well as being the Area Leader for O.C. 2, he looks after the group when I am not here.

   Manfred has been responsible for collating the monthly crime figures for a number

of years. I thank him for doing this important job. This is our only way of knowing what incidents are occurring in the residencias where we have groups.

   Another important group of people are our Area Leaders. They are there to answer questions from Co-ordinators  who ask for advice. My thanks go out to them.

   Another person to give thanks to is Thomas Herteux of the Chiringuitos (Beach Bars). Thomas is getting busier as time goes on and this past winter is the first time that the beach bars have been open on a couple of beaches throughout the year.

   Again the biggest thanks goes to the co-ordinators. They are the most important people in our group. They provide information of what is happening on the ground.

As the Police are not allowed by law to give out any details of incidents this input is a valuable source of information by which we can keep our members informed of what is occurring and warn them to protect themselves.

    Without the co-ordinators and the information given so that all can be warned.


    Last but not least my appreciation goes out to the agents of the Guardia Civil and the Policia Local of the Orihuela Costa. It is them that keep our homes and streets safe. They are very fast in answering emergency calls and appreciate our

co-operation.  The Senior Officers we can call friends.

    In 2015 we have gained the co-operation of the Guardia Civil in Jacarilla and the Policia Local of Orihuela who both cover Entre Naranjas. The latter under a

re-organisation have devoted a special group to cover the outline areas of Orihuela

which includes Entre Naranjas. Again, they value our co-operation and information we give them.



   At the end of 2014 there were 84 Groups, 127 Residencias and 145 co-ordinators. These figures represented the total number in our group, Orihuela Costa,

Entre Naranjas, The Chiringuitos de Sol (Beach Bars) and the Association of Business Traders of Cabo Roig.

   At the end of 2015 there were 82 groups including Entre Naranjas and the Chiringuitos de Sol.


    On looking at the figures for the year and comparing them with the year 2014,

I find that nothing much has changed from the year before and has maintained the

level recorded in recent years.

    At the end of 2014 there were the figures B.C.44, V.C. 14 S.C. 20 giving a total of 78 crimes. In 2015 there were BC 47, V.C. 26, S.C. 12 with a total of 85 crimes.

   In both years there had been a number of “fishermen” type building crimes with a large number in the spring, summer and autumn of 2014 and a lesser number in 2015.The building crimes numbers in 2015 were enlarged by a total of 11 houses being attacked in Res Pinada Golf ll, 6 being in January and February and 5 later in the year. Entry was gained to the houses by using force and many owners were away. A similar number of houses were attacked in the neighbouring residencia of Pinada Golf 1 which is not in our group.

   As regards Vehicle Crimes, the number in 2015 includes a number of cycles stolen.

   Concerning Street Crime, the figures for 2014 included a number of muggings in the street particularly at night when persons were returning home alone from the bars. In February 2015, what we took to be prostitutes accosting men in the street

for sex in day time accompanied by a man in a car particularly in La Zenia, we later learnt that it was Rumanians looking for men and women to rob of watches, gold chains and jewellery and being accompanied by a male minder. This has been seen throughout the southern part of Alicante Province and a number of arrests have been made.

   (At the time of writing this review, this criminal activity has continued into 2016. It has also been reported in other parts of Spain and is occurring in the U.K. with Rumanian thieves using identical methods with women accosting men and women in the street at daytime with a male minder in a car.)

    I hope that in 2016 crime is reduced more making this continue as a safe area in which to live.