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This is the home page for the Vecinos Colaborando representing the Orihuela Costa.

Vecinos Colaborando is a community group whereby the people of an area organise themselves in an effort to combat crime. Very similar to the Neighbourhood watch in the United Kingdom. We adopt the thinking “if it affects my street or my neighbour then it affects me”. We are all volunteers, there is no joining fee and no financial commitments involved.

We are growing in size, becoming better known and the more Groups we have, the more effect we will have in the fight against crime. At present we have over 91 Groups throughout the Orihuela Costa and we work together with all the other Groups throughout the Province of Alicante. We circulate information throughout the area so that people are informed of current criminal activities and can take precautions against them.

We are bringing communities of all nationalities together, working for each other towards a safer place in which to live.

Vecinos Colaborando is a non-political community group.We have the support of the Town Hall, The Alcadesa,  the Councillor for the Coast,and the Councillor for the Police.

For some years we have been working closely with the Guardia Civil at Pilar de la Horadada and the Policia Local on the Orihuela Costa. We do not patrol the streets or attempt to detain criminals. We inform the Police when we see criminal acts talking place. This year has seen more of them and they are very efficient and professional. They are paid to do their job but appreciate what help we can give them.

We feel that we have played a small part in bringing down crime in the area, as can be seen on the Urbanisations where we have groups, crime has decreased considerably.

If you are interested in starting a group in your area contact :


We also have an extensive library of documents which are are very useful to provide information and include a number of simple forms to enable anyone to communicate with the Police etc. They are in English, Spanish and German. It is simple to print or down load to your PC. Just click on this link and make your selection

Library of Documents and forms to read or print

We look forward to hearing from anyone who would like to have more information about our Organisation and our continued attempts to keep crime to a minimum on the Orihuela Costa



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