Operation Captura 2011


Operation Captura success

Hardly had the ink dried on the recent press release from Crimestoppers UK about the latest batch of ‘most wanted criminals’ for the public to look out for than we heard of two successes last week. Dutchman, Everadus Wijtvliet, 39 years old, was arrested in Puerto de la Cruz in Tenerife.

Under his instruction, a lorry was driven through Dover docks within which were concealed, 100kg of a powder containing heroin and 6kg of a powder containing cocaine. The lorry driver was arrested and charged with importing heroin and cocaine, with the case pending at Canterbury Crown Court.

The second man, who was arrested in Alhuarín, Malaga, was Dean Lawrence Rice from the fourth series of Operation Captura’s ‘most wanted’ lists. He was convicted in his absence to life imprisonment for conspiracy to kidnap and false imprisonment.

Dave Cording, Director of Operations at Crimestoppers, said, “Two arrests in 48 hours is an incredible achievement. I am pleased that the launch earlier this week has encouraged the public to contact us with information to help track down Britain’s most wanted criminals. This now brings the arrest total to 40 out of 60 appeals.”

Thursday, 24 February 2011

rogues-large.gifMost wanted in Spain

AS PART of ‘Operation Captura 2011’, UK based charity Crimestoppers and SOCA (Serious Organised Crime Agency) are hot on the trail of Britain’s most wanted criminals believed to be currently at large in the Alicante area, releasing ten profiles of the ‘most dangerous’, wanted for a range of crimes including drug trafficking, sex crimes and murder.

Speaking at a press conference on Monday, Ken Gallagher, Head of European Operations for SOCA, said: “Operation Captura is helping make the ex-pat community in Spain an uncomfortable place for fugitives. Having the public's attention focused on these individuals goes a long way to making it harder for them to hide and should act as a warning that Spain is no safe haven for British criminals.”

1    Jamie Dempsey: Wanted for conspiring to supply cocaine and facilitation of the use of criminal property. 
2.     Derek McGraw Ferguson, Alias William Murdoch Henderson:  Sought in connection with the murder of Thomas Cameron on 28th June 2007.  
3.     Anthony Fraser: Son of the notorious criminal Frank Fraser: wanted in connection to his involvement in the importation of approx. 2 tonnes of cannabis into the UK from the Netherlands on 17/03/09: 
4.     Patrick Pious Hancox:  Wanted for child sex offences and child abduction.  Charged with offences, he failed to answer bail and a warrant for his arrest was issued. 
5.     Eriberto Jimenez Melo (nicknames: Nando and Eric): Convicted in his absence to serve 25 years for conspiracy to supply cocaine. 
6.     Jonathon Lejman/Lehman: Sought on an EAW for aggravated burglary in Staffordshire.  
7.     Darren Kevin O’Flaherty: Wanted for two offences of conspiracy to kidnap and rob. 
8.     William Thomas Robert Paterson / Patterson: Nickname: Buff / Billy: Sought in connection with the murder of Kevin Carroll, also known as McCabe. 
9.     Andrew Mark Spooner: Wanted for prosecution following failure to appear at Glasgow High Court for drugs (MDMA) offences on 10th September 2001: 
10.     Everardus Wijtvliet: Accused of organising the importation of controlled substances into the UK. 
Since the launch of Operation Captura in October 2006, there have been 50 appeals with 38 arrests resulting in lengthy prison sentences for those captured.
Calls to the Spanish 900 555 111 telephone number are answered in the UK by Crimestoppers’ call agents and a translation service is available upon request. Information may also be passed on anonymously via the online ‘Giving Information’ form on Crimestoppers’ website: www.crimestoppers-uk.org where detailed descriptions of the most wanted are provided.

ONE OF the latest ‘ten most wanted’ criminals was arrested by officers of the Spanish National Police’s Greco Team at 18.30 on Monday 21st February in Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife. Netherlands born Everardus Wijtvliet allegedly organised the importation of more than 100kg of heroin and cocaine through the port of Dover in 2009.  
And his arrest was quickly followed by the capture of Dean Lawrence Rice on Wednesday 23rd February, who appeared on an earlier ‘most wanted’ Crimestoppers list.  He was apprehended in Alhaurin, by the Spanish National Police.
Rice, born in Exeter, was convicted in his absence of life imprisonment for conspiracy to kidnap and false imprisonment in 2006.